PurCotton Fabric Application

PurCotton Values

Quality DNA

27 years medical background
High-quality natural cotton source

100% cotton Concept

Safety, health, comfortable, eco-friendly natural fiber, etc.


No. 1 production capacity globally


265 R&D employees, 338 authorized patents. Devloped 450+ finished products based on PurCotton material

Think Green, Think Tomorrow

PurCotton combines the superior characteristic of both high quality natural cotton and advance nonwoven technology,no chemical or additives, no chlorine or fluorescence.

Organic Cotton means use non-GMO cotton seeds and nourishment with organic fertilizer, be planted in the natural plantations that 200 kilometers without industrial pollution.

PurCotton Applications

PurCotton Sustainability For Manufacturer Process

Cotton keeps the global sustainability

PurCotton Specifications

Raw material

100% high-quality natural raw cotton

Basis weight

30gsm ~ 200gsm

Finished type

Non aperture and Aperture (8~36mesh)


6CM ~ 200CM

Core Diameter

3 inches


Organic, Semi-phobic, Hydrophobic